The 4th of August, Tuesday was a very gainful and money making day at the stock market for Rite Aid Corporation. The company saw a massive incline in their shares at the market of 2.27%, which resulted in trading to occur at a cost of $ 9.04. This is the current price of the shares.

The reason behind this huge incline is that the company announced a shift in their top management. Ken Martindale, who has been serving as the Chief operating officer and president of the company will now be the newest chief operating officer for the Rite stores. Ken will be fulfilling his duties immediately. The 55 year old chief operating officer has served the company for 7 years since his joining in 2008 and has proved to be a natural leader who has served his position with respect and further directed the company in the position it is in today. Further on a spokesperson for the company said that Ken is the right man for the job since his leadership qualities would take Rite Aid on the road to further success.

Rite Aid is a fortune 500 company which is situated in Pennsboro. The company has a chain of drug stores spread across the United States of America. It was founded in 1962 and since then has gotten the title of being the third largest drug store in the United States of America.

QEP Resources Inc. was also luck at the stock market when it saw a huge incline in the market of 3.83%, which made the trading of its shares to be done at a cost of $13.54.

The reason behind the massive increase is a bit unusual, the company recently announced the financial and operational results for the second quarter. The company also declared a loss in the second quarter which amounted to a total of $76.3 million dollars which was achieved by the company’s ongoing operations. In terms of shares, the loss is 0.43 per dollar on a diluted share.

The company is mostly in the exploration and production company which has its operations in the developing, acquiring, exploring of natural gas and oil. The company has its operation in Colorado, Utah, and Ohio and further along the west coast as well.

ArcelorMittal SA was also profitable at the stock market on Tuesday just like the top two companies. It saw its shares climb to 0.22% which caused its shares to be currently traded at the cost of $8.96.

The company recently announced the results for two periods, the 3 month period and the 6 month period. Some highlights were that the company in this quarter saw a profit of 0.2 million dollars as compared to a loss which it faced previously. $16.6 billion which is the net debt was also seen as stable.

The company is in the business of steel manufacturing and has its headquarters in Avenue de la Liberté. It was founded in 2006 and has clientele all around the world.


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