rise of the tomb raider
(Image: Youtube)

Rise Of The Tomb Raider PS4 release date announcement to be made by Square Enix. The game is supposed to launch on paly station 4 this year on October 11th.This latest version will be launching an entire new chapter entitled Blood Ties. This version is made to celebrate the 20th year edition.

The game also provides weapons, expedition cards, extra outfits and a limited edition art book. Rise of the tomb raider PS4 comes along with a story of Lara’s 20 year journey where we get to see her taking up new journey. The entire team is seen facing too many surprises and new endeavors. Lara is seen exploring new arenas. She seems to be in search facts that shall prove her to be heir of the estates.

Players get the chance of unleashing the mysteries in the croft manor. Resources such as fire, food and other resources available help the players survive through the series of mysteries. The two team players must get together to survive the tough times. This time, the game has introduced a tougher level where the last survivor has to face the toughness and survive through it. One of the main objectives of the game shall be to save the resources until the end.


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