The girl’s weight was 66 lbs; she was eating through a straw and couldn’t move independently. And even then she thought she was too fat and ate too much.

When Emily was 14, she had her first problems at school. Her classmates told she was fat, so she decided to lose weight any way she could.

Emily Brand @_emilybrand98_

She was never too big but other girls started to bull her. After that, Emily started to watch her calories and overdid it.

Emily’s parents tried to convince her she was ok but the girl didn’t believe it. She didn’t have breakfasts and lunches at school anymore.

The problem eventually became too risky for her health and Emily was sent to Ash Villa hospital (a hospital for children with psychological problems).

The girl got her treatment and was back to school. But after two years in college long-distance running became her hobby and her problems were back again.

Emily Brand @_emilybrand98_

Young British girl says that she devoted much time to sport but what she ate was not enough. She was a long-distance runner and felt as if she was losing her consciousness day by day.

When Emily was 16, her weight was 66 lbs and she needed help again. She was taken to Peterborough city hospital.

Her blood pressure was too low and she was really sick, while her brain refused to work to the fullest. Even when Emily saw herself in a mirror, she thought to be extremely fat.

Emily spent in a hospital 10 days and refused of treatment, so doctors could do nothing. She was so weak that couldn’t even walk. She could move just on a wheelchair.

After that, the girl was sent to Ash Villa again for a 7-month treatment this time.

One day, something clicked in Emily’s mind and she realized she was wasting her life. Emily stopped meeting her friends and started to eat. After so many years of starving, she finally started to feel better. This was a very difficult struggle.

As Emily left the hospital, her weight was more or less normal. She started to go to gym. She had a training 3 times a week with a personal coach. In 2016, when Emily was 19, she attended the Bodybuilding championship, where one of the judges told her it’s possible for her to participate as well.

And this was true. In 1.5 years, Emily’s weight is 117.6 lbs. The girl trains six times a week for two hours, eats around 3 thousands calories a day.

Emily often has two dinners; her favorite is with two eggs and a steak. She feels amazing and has an absolutely different mindset now. Her mom is happy when she knows her daughter eats 3.000 calories per day.

The girl said that she still controls what she eats, but in a healthy way. Bodybuilding is perfect for her and she adores it.

Now, Emily is a personal trainer at Anytime in Peterborough, has become first in 3 bodybuilding competitions this year and is qualified for the PCA World Championships in Birmingham in October.

Emily confessed that she is working up for her lost time now.

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