He has been making fun of himself in few photos of his social media.

Is Rickie Fowler and Allison Stokke pictures surfaced on social media.

Rickie Fowler was in relationship with model Alexis Randock . They broke in 2015 since then Rickie Fowler is single. He has been making fun of himself in few photos of his social media. He was a smirking at the Ryder Cup last year while other golfers kissed their better halves.

Rickie Fowler and Stokke both of them are in there 28th year. Hmm if the name is sounding familiar to you it’s because Stokke became an internet sensation. It was all because of a photo snapped of her in a high school meet. Her Photo was gone viral containing her pose with a pole while wearing her pole vaulting wardrobe. Her photo went viral and many posters were out objectifying her appearance rather than her athletic proficiency. Stokke was hardly 17 that time. Maxim and glamour offered her after that.  She never made to the United States Olympic squad but she still manages to have an Instagram army of over 280,000 followers. Currently she is a pole vaulter and a fitness model.

Is the golf player Rickie Fowler and Allison Stokke into each???

Yeah, that’s the question on every fans mind after some ambiguous photos flooded on social media the MOTOGP Red Bull Grand Prix of America everyone is curious to know whether they arrived together or not. Rickie Fowler was found spending time with Stokke this weekend and we all know what it means.

We tied?

A post shared by Allison Stokke (@allisonstokke) on Apr 23, 2017 at 4:47pm PDT

Fowler won Honda Classic on 26th Feb. At Shell Houston Open Rickie Follower tied for 11th at the master and finished at third. He has been one of the mostly liked, active and famous golf stars on social media.

Rickie has been mostly seen with the superstar singer Justin Beiber, Spieth, Thomas, and Kaufman on his annual outings. He is mostly captured with them in her photos which he displays on his social media. This year they named their vacation as”SB2K17.”

Fans will now certainly track Rockie Fowler’s social media handles that includes Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter to see whether they get some update about the two friends. But we are still positive and presume that Rickie Fowler and Stokke are just friends enjoying the games together as Rickie is friends with many other sports girls.