Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Ric Drasin Thinks That Judging a Sportsman Outside Of a Competition Is a Common Mistake

Shawn Rhoden has won the title of Olympia champion last year. Sure, there’s no better proof that Shawn is one of the greatest bodybuilders in the world. However, the title could not save him from negativism and bullying on the internet.

Unfortunately, the greater and the more popular a sportsman becomes, the more pressure he feels. This is exactly what happened to the current Olympia champion recently.

Shan visited Pittsburgh Pro as a posing guest. Most sports fans decided Shawn looked too heavy for a champion. The same day the sportsman received thousands of messages and comments about his extra weight and being obese.

The topic has become a real internet virus and was discussed by almost everyone who has ever been interested in bodybuilding. This time Shawn’s colleagues could not stay indifferent and have tried to protect Rhoden. One of the first bodybuilders that reacted to rumors and negativism was Guy Cisternino who shared a video message on his Instagram.

Ric Drasin also decided to express his support. However, he did it in his own way. Ric prepared a video that explains why judging any sportsman out of a competition is a mistake. Drasin shared some facts from his own experience to make his message more illustrative.

The former bodybuilding star and the current sports chronologist has already witnessed some similar cases in his career. Ric warned sports fans from making any conclusion before seeing a bodybuilder on the stage.

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