Rich Gaspari Proposed to a Famous Fitness Model

It looks like Rich Gaspari met his true love. The 55-year old sportsman proposed to a beautiful fitness model Dayna Maleton.

Dayna shared the news on her Instagram, publishing a romantic photo of Rich and herself and supporting it with hashtags.

Rich Gaspari is one of the top bodybuilding sportsmen who won lots of professional contests including Mr. Olympia. Rich has been a devoted fan of the sport for all his life, starting professional training at the age of 15.

After finishing his career in professional bodybuilding, Rich got a medical license and started his own business. His brand called Gaspari Nutrition has quickly became recognized and won great awards. Now, when the main dream of Rich became true and he achieved amazing results in the sport, he decided to help other people to get better results in bodybuilding.

Dayna Maleton is a fitness model and IFBB Pro Bikini competitor. She was repeatedly sponsored by Gaspari Nutrition during her numerous competitions and took part in Gaspari products promotion.

Dayna and Rich have known each other for quite a long time, however, they have never revealed their true intention to create a strong and happy family.

The bright and romantic post of Dayna has become a special surprise for the sports fans. These two famous bodybuilding stars look amazing together and there’s a great chance that common interests and similar life philosophy will keep the sportsmen together for a long and happy time.


  1. Beyond happy to see the two of you
    SO HAPPY !! True love prevails! So blessed and proud to call you my friend Dayna! You know I am your biggest fan. Let the new adventures begin. The two of you greatly deserve all the best the world has to offer! XO love ya …LuAnn xo

  2. Whoo hoo. Yaaaay Dayna Congratulations . So happy for u . You guys look so happy. Lots of luv and years of happiness ❤️❤️


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