Ric Drasin Shared Video About Gold’s Gym

Bodybuilding is a very special sport with its own philosophy and science. Hard to believe that the sport is relatively young. It’s known that bodybuilding as it is has existed for around a century, however, the most important time for its development was a period from the 1960s to the late 1980’s.

The time is called the Golden Era and it takes a really important part in the history of the sport. The bodybuilding fans are always excited to know more about the period, to discover some interesting facts about nutrition, training, and mindset of the champions of the past. Fortunately, Ric Drasin is always happy to share some of his great memories.
While Ric has already told much about the sport of that time, he still can remember some great and rare facts that make people wait for each of his videos with excitement. This time the former bodybuilder and a living legend of the Golden Era of bodybuilding decided to speak about Gold’s Gym.

The Gold’s Gym chain is still existing and staying one of the top and most popular gyms in the USA. However, a few decades ago the gym was a real sensation in the world of bodybuilding. The new video of Drasin reveals why Gold’s Gym was so special and popular and how it managed to become the symbol of the Golden Era of the sport.



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