Ric Drasin Shared Some Special Recommendations About Cardio For Bodybuilders

Ric Drasin is a former bodybuilder with great experience and knowledge. This fact makes his advice especially valuable and respected. Spending years in bodybuilding and being a coach and a source of inspiration for thousands of people, Ric has helped many bodybuilders to find answers to their most important questions connected to training and posing.

Cardio exercising has always been an issue to discuss in bodybuilding. No doubts that cardio is a must for building a great body. However, where is that special line between ‘not enough’ and ‘too much’.

Sports experts and even famous coaches rarely give useful advice for understanding how much cardio is necessary. Most sportsmen are taking their decisions relying on their own preferences and intuition. In fact, this approach often works for setting a great useful training program. However, many bodybuilders make a lot of mistakes before finding the right combination. That may lead to losing lots of time.

Ric Drasin told he knew some great bodybuilding formulas and tips that could help to decide how much cardio a bodybuilder needed. Sure, all of us are individuals and we all are having different features, metabolism and body types. However, Ric says there are some universal recommendations that can be applied for anyone.

Ric says it’s very important to include a lot of cardio in your training routine. You can’t build a great body working with weights only. Moreover, cardio helps you to avoid some traumas and to make you feel stronger and have more energy. However, too much cardio is also dangerous for your muscles. If you include too much cardio exercises into your training plan, you can see that not only your fat is gone, but muscle mass only.

That’s why Ric Drasin thinks that’s it’s very important to plan your training very carefully. You can ignore his words, however, there’s a very serious proof that says his approach is working. Ric has made a very successful career in bodybuilding and he keeps looking great years after leaving the professional stage. What can be better evidence that his ideas are correct?

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