Friday, April 16, 2021

Ric Drasin Shared Some Old Backstage Stories You Never Heard Before

Everyone likes listening to some old good stories that are able to make you laugh and bring great memories. Ric Drasin has already proven that he’s a great storyteller, sharing some interesting cases connected with the Golden era of bodybuilding and its popular characters.

This time, Ric prepared a portion of other great and unique stories that have never been revealed before. The sportsman who is a living legend and one of the brightest representatives of the Golden era of the sport spent a lot of years standing near to the greatest bodybuilders of the past.

Ric who is 74 years old now has a lot of things to remember. Listening to him, you can see another side of the sport in the late ‘70s and ‘80s. Most of his memories are connected to the time of the Golden era, however, there are also some that describe earlier events or, in the opposite, refer to the Modern era of the sport. Some participants of his stories died years ago, but they are still popular and loved by thousands of people.

Why the stories of Ric are so interesting? Perhaps, because most of them have never been heard before. Many funny cases happened behind the stage. You can hardly believe that some of the greatest sportsmen could be very different from the way we think they were. You may wonder revealing some special features of your idols.

Ric’s stories are very sincere and honest. They give us the true taste of the sport of the past and still prove not so many things are changed. These stories are worth hearing!

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