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Ric Drasin and Franco Columbu Created New Video About The Golden Era of Bodybuilding

There are a lot of sports experts who specialize in the Golden Era of bodybuilding. This period is too important for the development of bodybuilding to be ignored. While you can learn much about this time from the Internet or other sources, you still won’t find something more interesting than Ric Drasin’s stories.

Ric is more than just another narrator, he is a part of the sport’s history. The former sportsman stopped competing years ago, however, he still does much to promote bodybuilding and to make it more popular. Thanks to great work of Ric we know more fascinating stories connected to past days of bodybuilding and some of its brightest stars.

Drasin can tell you many important facts and cases better than any modern expert or chronologist. Ric used to be a part of the Golden Era, a witness, and an active participant of the most intriguing bodybuilding events of the past.

In addition, Ric is not only sharing his own memories, but he also invites some of his close friends who he met during the rise of his professional career. Ric used to train and compete with the sports legends who became immortal ambassadors of the sport.

One of such people is Franco Columbo, who managed to win the main bodybuilding title and to become an idol for many sportsmen globally. Ric and Franco know each other for ages and when they meet together they love remembering some funny stories and some great people they know. One of such meetings inspired them for creating a common video where they would share some great and rare facts about old school bodybuilding and its most popular names.

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