Ric Drasin Explained How a Cheat Meal Used to Look In the Times Of Golden Era

Ric Drasin is a real gem for everyone interested in the history of bodybuilding. The former sportsman has managed to become not only one of the most successful and recognizable bodybuilders but also a real chronologer of the sport.

Sure, there are many sources that give us lots of information about the Golden Era of bodybuilding, however, it’s always more interesting to listen to emotional, funny, and exciting stories told by Ric.

Moreover, Drasin concentrates on those facts that are rarely described in articles. He loves talking about small but important details of champions’ life and routine of the sportsmen of that time.

This time Ric decided to speak about something that all bodybuilders love. He is comparing cheat meals of the past to those that bodybuilders eat these days. No doubts bodybuilders of all times have a very special attitude towards cheat meal.

While the strict diet is a must for all bodybuilders, keeping it all year round can be difficult. Some sportsmen think it could be too difficult to forget about their favorite meals forever. That’s why eating anything you want once in a week is a special type of legal doping that gives you the power to work hard all week long.

Nowadays bodybuilders are proud to show huge portions of their favorite food. Some sportsmen prefer dishes of Asian cuisine, some enjoy tasty homemade treats, others choose pasta and doughnuts. There are some who can’t imagine a cheat meal day without visiting MacDonald’s.

We can easily find out what a bodybuilder loves as a cheat meal, simply checking a sportsman’s Instagram. However, years ago top bodybuilders had no social accounts to share some of their routine details. We can only guess what was the most popular choice for sportsmen years ago.

You can hardly find any notes about the issue in the old newspapers or articles and, unfortunately, there are not many bodybuilders of the Golden Era who would be ready to discuss the topic today.

Fortunately, we have Ric Drasin and his desire to share some of his great memories with today’s sports society. Check one of the latest video stories of Ric!



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