PlayStation VR
(Credits : Youtube)

For all those gamers interested in trying out a whole new gaming experience and immersing into the world of virtual reality, then it is an inevitable task to choose your weapon slash machine of choice! Virtual reality seems to be the ideal end result for gaming, it is one thing to control a character that you can see through a screen, but it’s another thing to be the character yourself. The PlayStation VR is one of the consoles that can make your virtual reality dreams come true. But what can we expect from the Sony’s new machine?

For starters, the PlayStation VR will come with a variety of short demos for the player to enjoy, and other games that the player will have to go out and purchase themselves. The most notable games are Super Stardust Ultra VR, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Batman: Arkham VR.

Batman: Arkham VR will let you be the Dark Knight and do simple missions. The headmaster is a football simulator while Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a terrifying shooter game that’s set on a ghost train. Surely these titles have already got you interested, but there are more games to choose from too.

Being in Virtual Reality world may have a few minor setbacks depending on what console you choose to use. As for the PlayStation VR, although it is not as high end as Rift and Vive graphics wise, Sony is proud to say that their device has countered the possible lag issue that will make you Virtual reality experience seem like a roller coaster ride that will have you throwing up. Still, it is advised to take regular breaks from your virtual reality adventure as prolonged gaming can lead to nausea and headaches.


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