No Manches Frida

No Manches Frida is going to be another hit comedy of the year Plot of the movie is about Zequi (played by Omar Chaparro) is obviously not a good man and certainly, have no dream of being a teacher. He was a bank robber was sent to jail to regret his sin. However, his only remorse is that he has no chance to use the stolen money, which was buried by his dumb partner before getting caught. Now, Zequi has been released. He comes back to where his friend buried the treasure, just to, unfortunately, realize that there is a school now on that ground: The Frida Kahlo High. What a dilemma. He cannot access the school without being spotted by the annoying teachers and he has no plan to go back to his jail. To recover his money, there is only one way left.

He has to play a role as the new substitute teacher – Mr. Alcantara to officially enter the building. What he does not realize is that the life inside this school may be much scarier harder than his jail. The rebellious teenage their fears nothing, especially the poor teachers. It’s time for Zequi to show them that who is the real boss.

Besides the fight with those evil children, the real purpose of finding the money is also distracted by the sweet and active teacher Lucy (played by Martha Higareda). Can he be successful in his real mission, his love, as well as bring back the law to the unruly school?


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