Resident Evil 7 Release Date

Before attaining this latest record, Capcom has numbers of blank wall in the said game that they surpassed. Resident Evil 7 lacks multiplayer options, and it is also confined to PlayStation platforms as for demo version. But the demo is continuous having a million downloads every month since the release dated in June. Expect as well that it will expand to PC and Xbox One during its official release in January 24th, next year.

There is something in the demo of Resident Evil 7 that thrilled people. Beginning Hour is considered as a glimpse of what you are to explain about the game. There are provided puzzling details, and it is still unclear whether they will share the same storyline regarding the full edition. According to Gamespot, the reason is that Beginning Hour has its different main character into the main game.

On the second demo, players could expect another fun part referred as the Twilight wherein they could explore more of the mysterious Davey haunted manor. Indeed, PlayStation gamers are provided by Capcom with a lot easier Twilight access. According to Kotaku, a demo of the Resident Evil 7 was tangled with PlayStation Plus however in this Twilight there is no need of any account.

You should also expect continuity with regards to demos of the game. There would be items hoard in Beginning Hour which doesn’t fit in the story and players might have no clue about them as well. But, Twilight could offer answers to the riddle which haunts players during sleepless nights.


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