Resident Evil 7 Release Date

Many PlayStation fans are familiar with the frantic escape of a desperate and mysterious woman from a godforsaken derelict mansion. You are also aware about the reveal trailer Resident Evil 7 of and ringing of the first phone.

Having played the teaser demo of Resident Evil 7, it is not easy to forget Louisiana and the mysteries of the plantation house where the game is played out. You would have experienced the various terrors and horrors that lie within the house.

New update has been announced for the Resident Evil 7 demo. New update of the twilight version lets you expand on what you can explore and do. The update is available now for all the users of PlayStation 4. You no longer need PlayStation Plus to enter the mysterious plantation house and start digging into the mansion.

Beginning hour Demo is a good chance for you to investigate on your own, if you missed it previously. Both, newbies as well as the veterans will now be able to clearly see the decrepit corridors as well as run-down rooms.

A custom theme has been included for the console in the standard edition title. The upcoming horror release of Day-1 Survival Edition as well as Deluxe Edition can be pre-ordered in Sony regions by users in EMEA.

Custom theme and Survival Pack will be available at special price in Day-1 Survival Edition only until the full release of the game. You also have the consumable healing items in the Recovery Set.

The game is scheduled to be released on January 24th, 2017. Watch out!


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