Resident Evil 4 HD Project
(Credits : Youtube)

The fans of the post-zombie-apocalypse game are definitely looking at the development of the Resident Evil 4 HD Project that aims to rework the game which was initially in a low-quality texture to a more modern HD quality. So far the project has been going well and the people behind this development project are diligently providing players with updates on the status of the much-awaited project. The latest update showcases a specific location, it shows some screenshots and a video proving how great the game will look in HD.

This latest update in the Resident Evil 4 HD Project focuses on the ancient ruins, a location that players will explore at some point in the game. The textures used by the developers to make this HD dream a reality was taken from Capcom’s travels to Europe.

This place has plenty of textures based on pictures that Capcom took during their travel to Europe (a brief break after lots of rooms using quite generic textures. I guess that’s why I always loved this small area :)). Fortunately I was able to find most of them. And the rest are re-creations as usual.

I gave some 3D volume to the windows and beams at the end of the room (They were simple 2D surfaces with an opacity channel) and fixed some inaccuracies here and there.

The door at the end was originally too brightly highlighted. Its 3D model was stored separately using its own lighting values. That’s why it doesn’t react to Leon’s flashlight the same way the rest of the room’s models do. I fixed that and I also placed the door knobs at a normal height…

The Resident Evil 4 HD Project is far from complete, but fans, stay tuned for more updates regarding this promising beautification project for a classic game.


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