Tomb Raider on PS4 Announced
(Credits : Youtube)

The game will be released as a twenty-year celebration edition. It will include the entire game and all the content of the Season Pass. This means you get all DLC outfits, expedition cards, weapons, and, Cold Darkness Awakened, and Baba Yaga: Temple of the Witch. Those who pre-order will also get an art book.

This edition is also going to include an extreme survivor difficult level in the main campaign, and 3 new pieces of content.

There’s Blood Ties, a story based on narrative and without any combat where Lara goes through the Croft Manor and learns about her family. The content will even come with PlayStation VR support since it is in the first person.

There’s a zombie combat chapter titled Lara’s Nightmare which is also in the mansion and has Lara fighting zombies in her family house.

The last new mode is a co-op version called Endurance mode. Here, players try to survive as long as possible while tracking their hunger and warmth meters. The more you can survive, the more experience you will gain. But you lose everything if you can’t escape.

The game also comes with some classic polygonal models of Lara Croft which can be played in Expedition mode. There’s a cold weather outfit too which has been inspired by Tomb Raider III.

Anybody who has the Season Pass for the PS4 is going to receive all this content for free on the 11th of October 2016. The content will be available separately on the Xbox One and PC as well.


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