Batman Arkham Along
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The game will be released on the 19th of October 2016 on the Xbox One and PS4. There is no confirmation about a PC release so far. Since the Batman: Arkham Knight didn’t do too well on the PC, it should come as no surprise if this game fails to have a PC release altogether.

This announcement comes to a couple of months after the original release date of the game. Originally, it was delayed because of Warner Bros. not liking how the game was being made and wanted to deliver a polished experience.

In celebration of this announcement, a trailer was released which compared the original Arkham game with the remastered versions. The trailer compared a number of cut scenes as well as gameplay moments.

On the whole, the remastered version looked pretty nice. The graphics have been significantly improved. This is understandable since both games were on old hardware.

There has been a significant graphical improvement to NPC’s and player models too. Batman’s cowl does lose some of its expressive detail, though. The environments look a lot better, and some areas have also received additional weather effects. Mostly rain because this is Batman after all.

Batman: Arkham Asylum looks like the game which has benefitted the most from this update since it is a 7-year-old title. But Arkham City’s environments have received quite a substantial improvement too.

Graphically, the game looks quite nice. Let’s just hope that this delay has helped the developers to iron out the issues they were facing initially.

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