Dragon Quest Builders
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Square Enix is set to enter the sandbox construction genre with this game which will be out in Europe and North America soon.

Square Enix had first revealed that this game is scheduled for an October release, but now, we have more information with a confirmed release date as well.

The game will be released on the 11th of October in North America, and European players can get their hands on it on the 14th of October. The game will only be available on the PS4 and PSVita.

There will also be a Day One Edition which will be presented along with the debut. It will have a download code which gives players access to three new recipes.

These exclusives can be put to use for Different building materials in the new free-build mode that is known as Terra Incognita.

The 3 exclusive recipes are classified as follows:

  1. Gold Blocks which lets you look rich with the help of pure gold blocks.
  2. Springtide Sprinkles which lets you change trees to Cherry Blossoms and soil to straw floor blocks.
  3. Slimy Blocks which lets you create blocks decorated with blue slime.

This game continues the tale from the original Dragon Quest. Players are going to try to rebuild the destroyed realm after Hero dealt with Dragonlord in the first game.

The protagonist in this game can choose between a male and female character. After this, the legendary builder is awakened by the Guardian Spirit, and they will be appointed to help rebuild the kingdom and try and restore everything which has been devastated.

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