Reggaeton Star Wisin's Newborn Daughter Dies
(Image: hotliked)

Reggaeton Star Wisin’s Newborn Daughter Dies recently. Reggaeton star Wisin and his wife Yomaira Ortiz Feliciano has lost their baby girl Victoria. She was just one year old. The newborn baby girl Victoria had a problem since the birth. She had the genetic disorder called trisomy 13.

The parents took the help of Instagram to share the heartbreaking news of their daughter. Apparently, they are very upset with the incident and shared their emotions with the world. Victoria was just one month aged, and she had a problem since she was in her mothers’ abdomen.

According to sources, when Feliciano was five months pregnant, she got to know that her baby is suffering in disorder. After that, the family got to know about the heartbreaking news. To knowing that, the child may have come out with a serious problem they kept faith in God. Feliciano decided to maintain the baby, and she continues the pregnancy.

But right after her birth, they faced the vulnerable truth that Victoria came out in the world with that serious problem. And just after one month, she passed away. After Reggaeton Star Wisin’s Newborn Daughter Dies the parents left a heart touching message for their baby that they are going to meet her soon in the heaven. They will not leave her alone and will be with her as soon as possible. They showcased the ultimate love through the note.


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