Regan Grimes Shows His Home Workout Routine With Two Ladies

As Gyms Closed Down, Regan Grimes Showed Creativity in His Home Workout Routine. He Used Two Ladies to Perform Squats and Lunges.

Efforts to contain corona pandemic have changed habits and plans for many people. Public gatherings had been very limited. A lot of gyms had temporary closed their doors, leaving athletes with no access to their regular gear.

But top performers such as Regan Grimes have found a way to train at home. He and his wife Victoria often perform couples exercises in the gym, like this back workout.

This time he used the help of two ladies, his wife Victoria and a friend Laura D’Ariano to perform some creative sets.

In the following post he is doing squats with added weights in the form of Victoria hanging on his front and Laura on his back.

In the second video he is doing lunges holding Victoria in his arms and again Laura hanging on his back.

Also can see his dog closely follows his every move, its clear that she doesn’t understand what’s going on.

We hope his example inspires our readers to try out novice and unconventional ways to never miss leg days and workouts in general. For elite athletes such as Grimes it’s obligatory to keep exercising on schedule, or he risks losing his gains.

Regan popularity is growing in recent years as he won the New York Pro, scored 8th place in 2018 Olympia Classic Physique and in 2019 he won 3rd place in Japan Pro Men’s Bodybuilding. We recommend keeping track of this celebrity athlete as it seems that his big accomplishments are only ahead.


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