Regan Grimes Shocked His Fans Before The 2019 Romania Muscle Fest Pro

Regan Grimes is one of a few bodybuilders who are good at both leading categories Open Weight and Classic Physique divisions. Nevertheless, now the sportsman is competing as an Open Weight bodybuilder that he once started his professional career with.

No doubts, coming back to the Open category was one of his best decisions as he’s perfectly tailored for being among bigger bodybuilders. Most of Regan’s fans were waiting to see his upgraded physique and were eager to know what methods helped him make his veins so bulging.

Fortunately, the bodybuilder shared some updates about his physique and left his fans speechless. No doubt, the young bodybuilder is making huge progress. He managed not only to return his excellent shape but even to make his muscled body look more impressive!

This weekend he’s facing a serious challenge. Regan is preparing to compete at the 2019 Romania Muscle Fest Pro where he will meet some strong competitors like Juan Morel and Cedric McMillan.

The contest is especially important for the bodybuilder as it may become the beginning of the raize of his career. Moreover, this competition is going to be the first after almost a year’s break of competing.

If Regan manages to show the impressive result, he may get a ticket to the next year’s Olympia contest!

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