Refrain from consuming this cereal. This is the message the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention is saying to all those who love to eat the staple Honey Smacks cereal in breakfast.

As per the CDC, around 100 people who consumed Honey Smacks since March are now suffering with salmonella, with 30 of them getting hospitalised. Until now, no case of death has been reported.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, around 1.3 million people have contracted the salmonella infection and fallen sick after they consumed the famous Kellogg’s cereal which was later recalled from over 30 states in June. However, the cereal is still being sold and circulated in certain stores.

The CDC has now urged the people to not consume Honey Smacks available in any packaged size and now to throw the unopened or opened boxed in the dustbin even if the cereal has not caused any illness to the people. The Honey Smacks which have the ‘best if used date’ mentioned between 14 June 2018 and 14 June 2019, in various sizes have already been recalled from the market, but still, the FDA has asked its consumers to avoid eating the product in any box.

The common symptoms of salmonella infection are fever, diarrhea, as well as abdominal cramps and typically show up within 12 hours of exposure to the virus. The first salmonella cases in this outbreak started showing symptoms on March 3, while most of the people started falling sick on July 2.

The salmonella symptoms can last for about four to seven days and even though the individual may show signs of improvements without getting any treatment, some people may have to get hospitalised because of acute diarrhea. The bacteria can also travel up to a person’s intestines and then the blood and can ultimately to the entire body. A person dying due to the infection is rare but this may happen if he/she does not get the right treatment with antibiotics.


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