The US have been fond of sports all the long . BASE BALL  is the main stream. There are a number of teams and football clubs playing in  The US and worldwide. They are highly appreciated and followed. US have set an international platform for the BASE BALL. Among all these discussions the name of RED SOX is always mentioned in bold letters. For making easier for you ( although you know it already ). It is one of the most popular teams of football in America. It has the  history of splendid wins.

IT is the professional baseball team based in Boston, Massachusetts. The team manager John Farrell himself is an enthusiastic person. He has been supporting his team all long. He always sees the potential in the team he follows. Taking you to the present that would be this era; 2017 RED SOX is having an opening day by setting its first game against Pittsburgh Pirates.  This is a wow entry to the year . Highlighting all the events of the opening day conducted on Monday it was a memorable event.

 It seemed to be like a COME BACK of RED SOX to 2017. RED SOX had a Golden era which was from 1901-1919.


And the opening day has announced that they are all set to make the history again. RED SOX owing their own stadium FENWAY PARK , the place for the opening day announced their first lineup for the year. John Farrell did the honors. * The news buzzing around regarding the RED SOX in the moments is that Benintendi, 22 years old is set to become the RED SOX’S opening day starter in the left field. He is ready to show his guts at the field.

Dragging your attention towards the “come back”, Sandoval is ready to jump on the team and become a part of this opening day. May  the player will be in their favor.

Mitch Moreland who previously played for Texas Rangers making his debut in RED SOX but his performance seems that he has to wait for  more to make his opening day hit , although they swayed the pirates by 5-3 still as an individual player Moreland has to show more effort than this.

After him, Benintendi would be taking the next place. The words which boosted up RED SOX to win were by their manager John Farrell , he motivated his team by saying ” My team has yet things to prove”

This boosted up their courage against the pirates and they got the major lead. This game was considered to be the first impression of RED SOX for 2017 . It has to be outstanding and breath taking. It not only won the game in the fields but also the hearts of the people cheering them . RED SOX has built up a solid impression for this year ; 2017 which will help them throughout their journey. A win when you start adds to your confidence and RED SOX is done with this work. Throwing light on an opening day the act that attracted the viewers the most and is worth mentioning is flyover made by the 104th Air National Guard from Barnes. they have been helping the New England sports and they continued their support on the opening day of the RED SOX .

Moving over towards the love of RED SOX; they have got the people supporting them . The news to be heard is that PRIDE STORIES are giving free hot dogs in the cheers of the RED SOX’S opening day. This makes sense like ” Free food for the best team”. Now ! I am bringing into light a very interesting event of the day Tom Brady brought his game-sworn Super Bowl LI jersey at Fenway Park during the first pitch ceremonies. The main part comes when Bady held up his jersey to the cheers of RED SOX fans , patriots tight end and a troublemaker snuck behind him and made off with the already-once – stolen-jersey. This made the phrase ” Tom ! Look out ! Its Gronk!

By winning this game against the pirates RED SOX have set an irreplaceable image in the world of sports . It is taken as a good start of 2017 . They have a lot more wins to win if they continue with the same spirit along with the support of their fans and their mentor off course.