Red dead redemption stood out as one of the year’s best. It was a beautifully crafted masterpiece that took place in an era that was rarely explored in the gaming industry and the result was its huge success selling around 15 million units. Many fans have been waiting for a sequel for a long time despite the suspicions and improbabilities surrounding “Red Dead Redemption 2” release “Red Dead Redemption is like a permanent franchise”. It is for certain that the second version of this game is under development although we’re not certain about the release date of this game we can always count on the statement of the CEO that it will be released sooner or later. However, the company also stressed that they don’t rush to make game sequels. Rumors have it that it might not be launched soon because are mastered edition is under process, and we are all aware of the fact that Rock star is not one of those companies who advertise and have huge announcements, even their triumphed and hit games like GTA were not announced in Electronic Entertainment Expo.


However as stated by the fine report they might change its title to Legend of the West which is expected to be available on different consoles such as PlayStation 4 pro and Xbox Scorpio which will enable gamers to enjoy 4k HD resolution with highly improved graphics.  All I can say is that “die hard gamers” will just have to wait further as if six years of waiting wasn’t enough.

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