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The popularity of laser etching machines continues to explode as more and more business owners discover the user-friendliness, versatility and myriad of products that can be engraved by this unique and powerful type of machine.

Laser machines that engrave differ from regular printing lasers by using a similar technology, but instead of using static electricity to transfer a dry toner onto a sheet of paper, a laser etching machine fires a CO2 laser beam to engrave the desired design onto a more solid material, ranging from wood, marble, plastic or many other surfaces.

At the heart of laser engraving systems are the software programs that allow users to create the final designs that they need. One of the most recent advancements in laser engraving software comes from the Australian firm of Trotec. Designed to make it easier for users of laser engravers to produce higher quality work for their applications, JobControl features bidirectional communication that works between the software and the laser itself enabling the user to work with their preferred graphics software.

According to Trotec, JobControl enables the user to “fine tune” laser processing efficiently and quickly. And, because the software is open source, most of today’s usual graphics or Windows programs, like Photoshop, CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, Word, Excel, Photopaint, etc. will work fine by using the user’s printer driver to operate the laser etching machine.

Another recent update to laser etching machine software that has some unique features is GravoTouch from the French firm of Gravotech. Their introduction of GravoTouch software automates the laser engraving process by using a bar code scanner and touch screen monitor. The software is designed for large retailers, jewelry manufacturers and even in-store engraving events, according to Gravotech. Using the software is said to be an extremely simple process. The laser operator easily selects products from inventory by their bar codes and automatically pulls up the appropriate layout template. Text is then entered and the laser engraves the item. The process is said to be so simple that users with no engraving experience can easily engrave whatever items they like.

A third new software program recently introduced to the market is Job Manager, from the US firm of Epilog Laser based in Golden, Colorado. Epilog recently launched the program to work with all models of the company’s current line as well as their Legend 36EXT. The Job Manager program is a single piece of software that, according to Epilog, allows the user to access any job sent to the laser, re-run projects, view current settings or those of any past job, access the database of your materials, and much more.

More and more software continues to be developed for laser engraving ensuring it to continue having a bright future. Software enhancements help widen the available equipment choices laser etching machines and the future continues to look brighter than ever. for more information visit Needham Laser.


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