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With the release of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, the diehards are confronted with the dilemma of whether to upgrade the predecessors with one of these two mesmerizers or wait for the next trendsetter i.e. iPhone 7. Although, it is too early to wait for iPhone 7 but the interesting and mind-blowing rumors about iPhone 7 has compelled diehards to plunge into this discussion of whether to buy or to wait.

The very first point in favor of iPhone 7 is the exclusion of Home button feature. This was on the cards and that is why, the moment this news has been spread, its grapevine effect was witnessed to be the highest. The concept video of this new feature is viral and an insane amount of interest is developing in this regard from diehards.

The rumor of Apple stepping into the waterproof phenomenon with iPhone 7 has received mind-blowing following. Moreover, Apple is also expected to launch this mesmerizing feature in its new Apple Watch and it is more likely that both these devices would get release the next year.

With Sony and LG offering wireless charging facility through their new devices, it’s time for Apple to bring it on with the availability of this ease. iPhone 7 could be the first device that is going to be featured with this facility.

The leaked snapshot of iPhone 7 incorporating a screen that stretches right around the device has created a huge spree and has started a new array of discussion. Although this design has also been featured by some other devices, yet a lot is expected from Apple in this regard as they take a new feature and its functionality to new horizons.

Let’s wait and watch as there is still a lot to come.


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