Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Reaction of Professional Bodybuilders to Arnold Classic Prejudging

The first incredible night of the 2019 Arnold Classic professional contest is over. This year competition is one of the most awaited events in the world of sport and, surely, its effect was simply great. A record number of visitors and online viewers, hot online debates about the possible results of the contest and many greatest bodybuilders on the stage of the competition – these all make the 2019 Arnold Classic a very special event.

It looks like no one who is familiar to the sport managed to stay indifferent tonight. Sports fans, experts, bloggers and internet gurus have already shared hundreds of videos and posts in order to demonstrate their reactions to the bodybuilding event itself and to its prejudging results.

That’s always interesting to know what others think about the previous results of the first day of the contest. However, it may be twice interesting to know the opinion about the Arnold Classic prejudging expressed by its participants themselves and to listen to comments of other great professional bodybuilders.

Fazi Fitness has collected the most interesting extracts of the backstage interviews of the Arnold Classic participants. All interviews were taken right after the performances of the sportsmen and after the previous results of the competition were known just a few hours before finals.

Watch the video to find out the most surprising reactions of our favorite bodybuilders. There are many interviews that will surprise you!

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