Rare Video of the Youngest Mr. America


Casey Viator is a unique character in the history of bodybuilding. The bodybuilder was born in 1951 and was interested in sports since his early childhood. Great genetics, unstoppable desire to be a winner and incredibly hard work helped the sportsman become the youngest Mr. America ever. His record is still unbeaten.

Casey won his title being 19 years old. Bodybuilders of the same age usually just start their training. Unfortunately, right after the victory, Casey decided to make a break in his sports career. He didn’t appear at the professional stage for almost a decade after his bright victory.

The ambitious young man came back to the professional sport being almost 30 years old. A long break didn’t make the sportsman weaker. Casey managed to win several professional competitions soon after his return. He took part in the Olympia contest, presenting an excellent physique and great posing skills. Moreover, the bodybuilder became a world-class trainer. His knowledge and expertise helped many talented sportsmen to become successful.

Casey stayed an active and very motivated person till his last days. After leaving the professional sport, Viator kept exercising. He trained sportsmen in a gym, gave online training classes and even took part in creating an internet training program for bodybuilders. There are many books written by Casey Viator that are popular among modern sportsmen. He loved helping people and he definitely loved life.

Unfortunately, Casey died in 2013 on 4th of September (the same day he was born). The sportsman passed away not a very long time ago, however, there are still many gaps in his biography.

Being always active, Casey cared about his activities and plans more than about making himself famous. He always was too busy for another interview or a photo shoot. That’s why it’s very interesting to discover historical pictures of the sportsman in the days of his success.

Recently Roger Sally shared a video of the sportsman that was made on 25th July 1978. The old pictures help to understand how great Casey’s physique used to be. This unique sportsman looked unusually massive comparing to most great bodybuilders of his time.



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