Rafael Brandao Suffers From Covid-19 Complications: The Olympia Participation Is Cancelled

Rafael Brandao was diagnosed with Covid-19 soon after his visit to Spain. Unfortunately, the disease caused dangerous complications. Such a situation forced Brandao to change his plans for the end of the year.

Rafael Brandao is a successful Brazilian bodybuilder with strong ambitions. The athlete got qualification for this year Olympia and has even started his preparation. Yet, despite his strong desire to compete alongside the best of the best in bodybuilding, he has to change his plans.

Brandao informed his fans that he was diagnosed with Covid-19. The sportsman tried his best to return to training asap. Unfortunately, all the measures didn’t protect him from dangerous complications.

Rafael may get well soon. Yet the time left is still not enough for proper preparation. Moreover, extra physical and emotional stress may be a very negative factor for his post-recovery period.

While the decision was not easy, the sportsman is now officially out of the competition. Brandao confessed this made him sad. Yet the sportsman promises his fans to return even stronger and better-prepared next year. Unfortunately, our plans can be destroyed sometimes. Yet, it’s never a reason to deny our dreams.

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