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Is There Racism in Bodybuilding? Williams Fitness Reveals the Truth!

Racism has become a real disaster of modern society. After the long-lasting battle for equality, some people still keep acting like ethnicity, origin or skin color determine what a person is!

Bodybuilding appears like a very organized sport, with no place for international or interracial conflicts. Looking at smiling bodybuilders who arrived from different parts of the world, it’s hard to imagine, someone can still speak about racism.

However, is the real life as bright and sweet as the picture we see? Unfortunately, the world of sport is also infected with ideas of racism. And we can’t deny this fact even if we’ve never supported any type of bullying and haven’t pay much attention to it.

Racism in sport is more than just an upsetting phenomenon. It’s an important indicator of a huge social problem and an example of how racism can affect the life of any person and can become a serious obstacle for personal development.

Williams Fitness decided it’s time to reveal the real situation and made its own investigation. The team of creative enthusiasts collected a great number of offensive comments and shocking reviews to show the reality of today’s sport.

The video creators hope this will allow us to understand the situation better and to choose the correct course to prevent racism in the sports society.

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