When I ask to put game in a combat action, you can ask why through Chronos? I have always put games into actions and they were pretty good. There is one reason which will intrigue me into trying it and this is just its newness. Why would I like it in a longer future?

Well, if one is thinking on these lines, he is understandable. The game is one among many that aim to kill the enemy at the end. So the theme is easy to understand and follow. Why, anybody would try such an old thing as new for long?

The answer lies in the engagement this game provides. In the role you acquire as a combater, you have to be careful in every of your move, giving keen attention to the details the game is providing you with. In the end every detail would some up to give you complete defeat of a triumph over your enemy. You have to be patient to succeed and calculated in your moves as they would be your only chance of survival.

Moving through twists and turns the dungeons of Chronos takes you through the process of decreasing powers or increasing experience. At the same time experience for the sake of experience has no value. Gather particular detail about the locations so you can identify them in later stage.

You cannot take your eyes off the game, literally. This is because of you doing; you may miss an incoming fatal attack without knowing it. And the consequences of being dead are also noticeable. You lose your points, as well as your action accuracy because you have lost a year of your age by dying once. To add more to aging process, you gain new a new skill when you age by 10 years. So the positive effect of aging compensates for the reduced efficiency at combat.

But the game has its weaknesses at points. For example the RPG elements are notvery attractive. Player would find only a small number of weapons and shields. These may vary in their speed and the damage they are able o cause, yet they do not offer a vast variety in tools.
Moreover, Chronos story isn’t built up to standards at aspect of murderous demons. The story isn’t too detailed to be acceptable.

Focusing on your enemy may also be problematic at some point. Over all the game allows you freedom to focus on a specific object. However, as the camera is showing the exact location you can see from your eyes in the scene you may lose some of the location as compared to what you could see from usual over the shoulder looks of video games.

Another beautiful aspect of Chronos lies in its scenic beauty. The inflated scale this game provides doubles the detail in gaming scenes. At times you cannot resist appreciating skyscraper-sized redwood trees or enormous statues built in Egyptian style.

The challenging, and attention seeking game of Chronos was scheduled to be released in March this year. The game has met the standards awaiting video gamers expected from it.


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