Project Diva X

With such high demand for Future Tone, why would Sega focus on Hatsune Miku Project Dive X, which has a meager number of just 30 songs? Well, that’s because Project Dive X has actually got more number of games.

So far, the rhythm games, as we know, involved song lists that were supposed to be completed by the players; who could then unlock more songs, costumes, and stages. They were simple yet good games, and players enjoyed them. I too enjoyed making my way through the song lists for Project Diva F and F 2nd on my PlayStation 3/Vita. Also, Project Mirai used the touch controls on the 3DS which enhanced the gaming experience, considerably.

The new game, Project Diva X, which was released on August 30 for the PlayStation 4 and Vita, improvises further by redesigning the game with a story and background. Hatsune Miku and his friends have lost their power, and it is the job of the player to help them re-establish their power. The player must fight their way to victory by completing a series of five worlds having specific themes. These worlds are called clouds and they are Classic, Cool, Cure, Elegant and Quirky.

While attacking one cloud at a time, the player must not only beat all the five songs but also, successfully complete the final medley to move on to the next cloud. Each of these clouds has its story demonstrated with the help of beautiful graphics sequence.


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