Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Release Date

While FIFA 17 got a complete overhaul from its previous release, boasting a brand-new engine, new gameplay tweaks, and an interesting new story mode, 2017 is given more focus on refinements. It gained considerable advancements last year; Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is expected to polish up with the passing, goalkeeper’s moves and a multitude of new animations.

Huge improvements were evident on the Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 as it was given a new engine in 2016 with the use of FOX Engine. Players were looking more realistic, and now Konami has pushed the envelope further giving the game much better lighting effects, animations, and overhaul of stadia.

After giving both games a try, FIFA has given the impression of being the game to beat based on the footage we were given. To be honest, it seemed to have no noticeable difference from last year’s release. We are hoping they can maximize the potential of Frostbite and give the game a much better look.

Release dates for FIFA 17 and PES 2017:

It has been confirmed by Konami that September 13 is the launch date for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. FIFA 17 will have a much later release date on September 27 for North America and all other regions on September 29. Players are waiting impatiently for the release.

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