American actress Meghan Markle is busy building up a distinctive fleck in the royal family for herself. Meghan is engaged in making full preparations to take a farewell from the civilian life. She is only two months away from her big day.

The soon-to-be royal bride, alongside Queen Elizabeth II, attended her very first official engagement for a Commonwealth Day service. The event happened at Westminster Abbey on Monday. Prince Harry, Prince William, Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cambridge, and the Duchess of Cornwall were also spotted.

“The Royal Butler”, Grant Harrold, who is well-known as Britain’s etiquette expert said that he got reminded of late Princess Diana when Markle halted on her way to hug a schoolgirl when she was on an engagement with Prince Harry.

He described the actress’s gesture as “really, really sweet,” but added that it is not something “normally” a Queen would do. Harrold said that it is actually something that younger people do. He further explained that she has got her own way of handling things. He added that none of the rest of the royal family embraced and it just was not the done thing but now the younger royals, Princes William and Harry, are seen hugging and they are very much copying what their mother did, which is a way fantastic.

Harrold believed that Meghan would have to give up on signing autographs and posing for photographs for her fans. He explained that Meghan has to be careful of what she said, how she said it, and how it is taken as after the 19th of May, it would be very much the reflection of the royal family. He further added that it is the everyday things—from the way she walked, the way she spoke, how she ate, how she held her cup, how she dressed—everything would be looked at the right way or the wrong way and there would be a lot for her to adapt to.

Harrold said that her descending from the U.S. has proved to be of a disadvantage for Meghan. He stated that it is quite a different way of life, completely having a different culture and different upbringing and hence it is probably difficult for her to learn both to be royal and to adapt to the British lifestyle.


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