Pretty Little Liars
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If you are one among those who watch this beautiful drama fondly, then it may be a little difficult for you to digest the idea that the show is going to end after its seventh season.

Yes, all the rumors about the future of this show are now confirmed. The news was announced today by its makers on the set of Pretty Little Liars during a Facebook Live Interview. Freeform, the channel that airs the show declared it with the maker and showed runner I. Marlene King and cast members, TroianBellisario, Ashley Benson, Sasha Pieterse and Shay Mitchell from the set where they are filming the last episodes of the show.

Lucy Hale, one of the cast members, remarked that the show had been a wonderful chapter in their lives. She also stated that even though it has been an excellent show, it will be signed off after the end of Season 7.  She promised that the last ten episodes of the show would be something amazing.

King, the creator of the show, hinted the possibility of continuing the show after the season in a different form. However, the last ten episodes will be showed the end of the drama.

The final episodes of Pretty Little Liar will be aired in April 2017. It is interesting to know that the show will end with a two-hour supersized finale. You can watch the last episode of Pretty Little Lair on Freeform at 9 pm, Tuesday, August 30.  The premier episode of King’s new show, Famous in Love, will be followed after the PLL. His new show is an hour-long drama that starring Bella Thorne. It shows the dark side of fame.

The cast of Pretty Little Liars promised the reporters of E! News in June 2016 that episodes of season 7 of the show provide much closure for the viewers irrespective of the fact that the show would continue in a different form or not.

No doubt, Pretty Little Liars has been a wonderful show on Freeform and a lot of fans will be disappointed when it will be signed off.


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