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The episode 17, for the season, earned several laurels and is well rated on the familiar sites. As the season is reaching towards the climax the number of viewers increasing, and the whole story twirls among the characters. The liars Episode 17 spread love in the air with Aria and Liam confessing various incidents and are planning to knot up in the coming episode. Many noteworthy incidents occurred in the season involving the appearances from Vanessa Ray as CeCe, Sasha Pieterse starred as Alison and Emily played by Shay Mitchel. Besides this the girls came to know that there are a few moments yet to discover regarding the golf club. Several viewers considered it a cheap tactic for seeking the audience attention, however, there is a lot who still likes the play. The most points to be criticized is to shift the plot 5 years forward and yet nothing changed, the same girls becoming victims of activities. Thus, everything feels like a nostalgic feeling being repeated now and then.


As mentioned earlier in the episode involved a lot of characters and the incidents happening in every spot. The episode started with the Emily who founded a notebook comprising information regarding a girl. Later on, the girl appeared as Alison a beach beauty. Ali and CeCe photographed together were captured by the girls and CeCe announces that she had no affiliation with the Alison Tyler. The way Emily was spoken to be quite weird and is commented by several. Hanna, another character heard a conversation among Caleb and Paige on the phone. They were planning regarding the plantation of cow brain like stuff. In quest to know the actual story Hanna followed Paige to the bar and in the same bar Hanna spoiled her dress by a drink spilled over her. In the later part of the episode Troian Bellisario stared as Spencer appeared into the play. She played a mood throughout the episode and is noted to have a few harsh words with Ezra on breaking up with Aria. The couple broke out due to the reason that Aria already is having a son he didn’t inform others regarding the sibling. The situation becomes gloomy at the very moment Ezra had a conversation with Aria and informed him never ever to contact her in near future. Mona had always been a tough character throughout the season the reason for such a mental state is nothing other than the experiences she had met so far in her life and the way life carried him to the point. On the whole the episode was a blend of several different events covering the different scenarios, like the joy at the beginning. Later on suspense was created where CeCe found some photographs and Paige was followed to the bar. In the mid part a gloomy situation was created when the scene comprising of breakup among Aria and Ezra was played.

Star Cast:

  • Troian Bellisario
  • Ashley Benson
  • Lucy Hale
  • Shay Mitchell
  • Sasha Pieterse
  • Tyler Blackburn
  • Ian Harding
  • Janel Parrish
  • Laura Leighton


The trailer of this episode:


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