The walking dead season 7
(Credits: IMDB)

The season 6 finale created a lot of speculation among the audience as who was the victim for Negan’s wire-wrapped baseball bat, creating a mystery for the audience as well as hype for the audience to watch the next season. So finally now the wait is over, and we are going to see the first look at the season very soon. Premiere date has been announced which is 23rd October. The Walking Dead is a series in a post-apocalyptic, zombie infested world and follows a group of survivors, working together to survive the apocalypse, not having to battle the zombies, but also other groups of survivors.

The season will feature many regulars and new actors alike, including the multiple awards-winning Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln, playing two of the survivors. The season will follow up on the cliffhanger from the end of the season; the antagonist is Negan going to kill one of the main protagonists. The question which one it will be, is subject to many fan theories, and will surely have many viewers of the series being glued to the TV, when the season premiers. The creators of the series, AMC, who are also the creators of the series that is by many considered the best series ever made, “Breaking Bad,” have already posted some sneak previews, increasing the hype connected to the premiere to previously unreachable levels. So stay keep space on your agenda for the 23rd of October to see the highly anticipated Season 7 premiere.


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