GTA 6 Release Date
(Credits : Youtube)

In 1999, it released some three versions and this marked the success of GTA. Since that time, Rockstar decided to continue releasing the GTA series. GTA III came in,in 2001 followed by GTA Vice city that was released in 2002 and considered the milestone for the developers. In 2008, GTA IV was released and there was a record smashed by the developer when GTA V released in 2013 where it made the greatest launch global sales’ figures.

The GTA 6 release may not have been announced; however, there are hints which try to speak about it. Leslie Benzies, in a press release on October 2013, said that although they did not know what GTA would be, they had the idea. This conversation seems to try to get gamers’ minds out of the GTA 6 because already the GTA 5 is trending on its peak.

While there may be no official hints for the release of the game, there are signs that something may be happening. Rockstar Games could be looking forward to developing another title but the attention is being put on Online GTA features and DLC’s.

A recent rumor touching on GTA 6 release date only mentioned about the release of the game for PS4 and it hinted that, it would happen sometime in 2017. The rumor also says that the game will not be released for Microsoft Xbox console, which is also another thing that leaves the rumor questionable.


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