Powerlifting + Bodybuilding: Ben Pollack Proves He Can Be Successful At Both With His Recent Photos

It’s believed that you can only be good at one sport. While bodybuilding and powerlifting are often presented as similar sport types, sportsmen know how different the training routine for these two categories is. While powerlifters work to develop insane physical power, bodybuilders are mostly concentrated on the aesthetic side of exercising – building a lean muscled body and use workout pills to get ripped.

There are many sports celebrities who switched from powerlifting to bodybuilding, however, there are only a few people who managed to combine both sports successfully. Ben Pollack is one of those incredible sportsmen who combines principles of both training programs in one to get the desired result.

Ben Pollack is definitely one of the strongest people on the planet. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to assume that he is using best fat burning steroids in the world. The 198-pound sportsman differs from most of his competitors not only with his insane power but also with incredibly shredded body. Such physique is not so common for powerlifters who are not obsessed with keeping a too strict diet. However, Ben has never been an ordinary representative of bodybuilding.

Why does Pollack need to stay in such great shape? He says he only wants the body to be proud of. However, his recent Instagram posts show building muscles may be more than a hobby for the sportsman. Some of his latest photos are simply impressing: now Pollack looks like a competing bodybuilder and he’s not going to stop.

Sports experts predict that Pollack may enter bodybuilding soon and such progress may be the beginning of some great changes in his career. The only thing that doesn’t go well with this theory is the hard powerlifting training that Pollack has almost daily.

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