Friday, April 16, 2021

Positives and Negatives of Taking Steroids for Sports

Steroids act as stimulants in the body. Some of the steroids enable the body to work faster and endure longer levels of tension than a normal body without steroids. Some sports allow steroids while others do not. This is the reason why players get tested before they participate in tournaments and international games. Elimination of players who have used steroids ensures that the playing ground is level for all players.

The advantages of taking steroids include:

  1. The body potential is realized to the maximum. Our bodies are capable of performing much better than they perform normally. Steroids stimulate the body and it becomes more active thus achieving higher levels of action. An increase in the testosterone and adrenalin levels makes the bodies to perform beyond normal capacity while it is not affected. When steroids are taken in the right quantities, the body capability is raised and this helps the individual in achieving better results.
  2. Another advantage of steroids is that it enables and individual to attain their desired size so that they can match their competitors. At times, some of the opponents in games are really big and this makes them intimidate the smaller competitors. Steroids ensure that the competitors achieve their desired muscle size.
  3. Steroids increase the energy levels and the strength of a human body. This is because they lead to growth of cells and exercise leads to formation of muscles. Due to these two processes, more food is required in the body. The more the food that is ingested in the body, the more the increase in energy levels in the body. This also increases the strength of the body since when an individual exercises and muscle is formed, they become stronger.
  4. Steroids also help in disease preventions and malnutrition. This is because they require you to eat well and to observe a balanced dies at all times. Food intakes of certain amounts are recommended for the steroids to work. Due to this healthy feeding, the body is always equipped against malnutrition related diseases. Good feeding also strengthens the body immune system thus preventing diseases.
  5. Since steroids require exercise, the body is always fit. This eliminates chances of contracting diseases like obesity and getting heart problems due to increased cholesterol levels.

The disadvantages of taking steroids include:

  1. The process of taking steroids is irreversible. This means that the moment you start developing your muscle, you have committed yourself to a life long process of exercise and keeping fit. This is because the body requires constant exercise to burn the calories that are induced in it by the steroids. The body also becomes big and in case you want to get back to the lean shape, you will struggle a lot. It is mostly irreversible since if you stop using steroids and exercise to lose weight, the muscle that is formed hardens instead of reducing.
  2. Taking of steroids is very demanding in terms of time required and routines involved. Apart from spending time exercising, an individuals is also required to feed better than an ordinary individual. This is because the body requires more energy to consume the steroids that are induced into it.
  3. Steroids are mainly induced into the body through injection. This is a painful process while exercising daily is a tiresome process. The diet of a person who takes steroids is limited too.
  4. Steroids are expensive and the require constant intake. You are therefore required to spend more every time. The syringes too require great care and they should not be shared to avoid transmission of diseases.

It is therefore always advisable to make a clear decision before embarking on a steroid usage plan. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages and see if you can manage to handle the requirements.

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