pokemon sun and moon
(Credits: YouTube)

The new Pokemon game will be out in a few weeks but there are curious fans who actually went and snooped around the game’s data. Sometime last week they were able to reveal the creatures of the Alolan Pokedex, and now they were able to find out exactly what Pokemon are catchable on the four islands.

Pokemon Sun & Moon has four huge islands that are inspired by the islands of Hawaii, each island has a different ecosystem and thus different sets of catchable Pokemon lurking about. The recent leak was able to identify which Pokemon are found in the islands respectively, however, the details of the island itself and the cities within it, even its sizes are yet to be discovered. Images of the Pokemon residing in the four islands of Alola can be found here.

Moreover, they also found out that the Alolan Generation 1 Pokemon the Grass/Dragon-type Alolan Exeggutor cannot be caught in Pokemon Sun & Moon. The way to obtain this Pokemon would be most likely to catch a local Exeggcute and evolve it. The presence of Ultra Beasts will also be in Pokemon Sun & Moon, however, we have yet to find out what these creatures are exactly and the official Pokemon announcement coincides with this. So far, only the names and description of the Ultra Beasts are known and that is enough to say that these creatures are indeed mysterious and powerful Pokemon. The method of obtaining these Ultra Beasts are also unknown. All that is left to do is wait for the Pokemon Sun & Moon game to launch on November 18, however, those in Europe will be getting it on November 23.


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