Pokemon Sun and Moon Release Date
(Credits : Youtube)

Pokemon Sun and Moon is certainly the talk of the town recently and there have been numerous leaks that excite players for what’s to come. Ultra beasts are one of them. Moreover, there were leaks as well regarding the Alolan versions that some thought was rather strange. It is a given that the new Pokemon Sun and Moon game will be featuring unique Pokemon, and there are bound to be different reactions to this.

Looking back there was a demo version of Pokemon Sun and Moon released and from there all the creatures on the island were leaked and it showed all the Alolan versions of the original Pokemon. That seems perfectly fine, except for the part where weird looking Pokemon started to show their heads. Sure Pokemon aren’t exactly normal creatures, to begin with, however, there are some that really takes the cake, a good example is the Alolan Exeggutor and it has an elongated neck that makes it look weird. It seems that the strange appearance of the Pokemon in Alolan is due to the prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Moreover, the new Pokemon designs are because the title is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and creating new and rather peculiar designs  was done on purpose.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will also be featuring Ultra Beasts and these are powerful entities as compared to your regular Pokemon. For now, we know there is a UB-01 which is a glass-like creature with the ability to shapeshift, there is also UB-02 Absorption which is a juggernaut of some sorts, we imagine it is a tough tank type beast. Lastly, there is UB-02 Beauty which has the ability to hypnotise its opponents.

There are certainly a lot to be considered with the new Pokemon Sun and Moon game, all the changes and new creatures introduced may stir up different reactions from the fans. However, it is best to wait and see what the game really has to offer when it is released on November 18.


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