Pokemon Sun and Moon
(Image: Yibada)

The recently launched demo version of Pokemon Sun and Moon gives fans a quick glimpse of what ist o come, and it does not stop there, it seems that some of the big secrets in the full version are also within the demo, knowing this it is best to play the demo version to get the most out of the game.

First off, it is widely believed that playing the demo version first will bear the player more fruit because of the fact that the Pokemon Ash-Greninja can be caught in the demo version and later transferred to the final game once it is released. Ash-Greninja won’t come easy, though ,there are a few main goals to complete before you get that creature for keeps. Moreover, there are also a few more items that can be earned within the demo version of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The main character of Pokemon Sun and Moon, Sun can actually earn the Star Piece and here’s how. First, the player needs to proceed to Ten Carat Hill and Sun has to defeat two trainers to challenge Ace trainer Sheri who reportedly owns a level 42 Pikachu and a Jangmo-o. Defeating Sheri will reward Sun with her Star Piece.

Moreover, there is another item to gain in the road where Slowpokes line up and the player has to talk to the person who brings Sun to the Mahalo Trail. While speaking to the Pikachu Owner in the city hall 12 days into the demo will give the player the balm mushroom item.There is also word that there are some dates that when you go back into the demo will earn you rewards, according to YouTuber FeintAttacks, there are about 10 wings items at the Pokemon Center a day after the demo was started.

It is great how the game is already setting early goals to complete while waiting for the game’s official release on Nov 18 for Nintendo 3DS.


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