Pokemon Sun and Moon
(Image: Yibada)

The wait for the all new Pokémon Sun and Moon games have been a stretch to some fans especially when more and more details about the game are being revealed. A Japanese magazine has teased of a Pokémon’s classification and the new abilities it will get when evolved.

The Japanese magazine CoroCoro has shared bits of interesting information in their latest issue, which includes insight on the Pokémon named Silvadi. The Silvadi is merely one of the new Pokémon to make their debut in the fast approaching 3DS game Pokémon Sun and Moon.

It is known that Silvadi is actually an evolved form of a certain Null type Pokémon, the evolution of the said Pokémon heavily relies on having a good relationship with a Pokémon trainer. It is a must for the player to gain the trust of the Null Pokemon to get it to destroy its helmet in order to trigger its evolution into Silvadi.

Silvadi is basically classified as a regular-type creature while it has the ability to hold “memory” which is a new special item in Pokémon Sun and Moon. This ability will allow the creature to have other types or classifications. SIlvadi’s ability “AR” will let it take any of the game’s 18 Pokémon types, note that it has yet to be revealed how to get this skill enabled, it is possible that the trainer will be required to gather Pokémon of different types.

As for the Pokémon Sun and Moon, it is said to be at least 3.2GB in size as per Siliconera, that being said, it follows that 3DS users may need to upgrade their memory in order to cater both games. The wait is almost over as the Pokémon Sun and Moon will be released in North America on November 18.


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