Pokemon Go
(Credits : Informedpixel)

In the past few months since the announcement that Pokemon Sun and Moon Release Date will on November 18 2016, fans have been kept entertained with how Nintendo gradually released details about to much awaited Pokemon game. For instance, it has been heavily hinted along with the Pokemon Sun and Moon that the new Pokemon version will feature Mega Evolutions.

This possibility is widely believed by Pokemon fans on Twitter and on Reddit. According to Twitter user PokeLoot, a screenshot that was obtained from a Japanese magazine was shared and it teases players that the game will definitely include Mega Evolution. Fans of the game know that Mega Evolutions initially appeared in Pokemon X and Y where the Mega Stone that can be used to activate the evolved form, is found and farmed in the Kalos region. Mega Evolution is basically evolution beyond the limits of normal evolution, hence monsters will be attaining more abilities. When the Pokemon Sun and Moon finally arrives, it could also mean that the game will have overpowered Pokemons.

It was also confirmed that the new version of the game will give players seven new Pokemon, some even in Alolaforms, there will be Ultra Beasts, Legendary Pokemon and a bunch of new enemies. All of this, plus the addition of Mega Evolution to the players’ arsenal will definitely mean a boost in creature variety.

All these features coming our way is indeed very exciting, especially for those long time Pokemon fans. Rest assured that the wait will officially be over when the Pokemon Sun and Moon arrives.


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