The seventh generation of the Pokemon games will soon be starting, the first installments being the two: Pokemon Sun And Pokemon Moon. The role-playing games are developed by Game Freak and Nintendo published them for Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS platforms. Initially release date was announced to be 18th of November, so far there has been no upsets in the final development phase of the games and we will be playing the game within two days’ time.

pokemon sun and moon

The two games are called the leaders of 7th generation of Pokemon for justifiable reasons. The reasons – What cool new features pokemon Sun and Moon offer – are for a complete different article, and a long one for that matter. Let’s first help you get rid of the ultimate curiosity of the hour: What is the difference between Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon?

Contrary to popular belief, the difference between the two versions is not a small one. True pokemon fans would be very picky if they had to choose between Sun version and the Moon version. It’s time you came to know about the differences too, so that you can decide which one will suit best for your taste of pokemons.

Each pokemon release in the main game series are always released in two versions, it’s a tradition. Pokemon Sun and Moon – being the release of main story franchise – also follow the same tradition.

Different Exclusive Pokemons In Each Version:

Although most of the pokemons are available in both versions of the game, there are a bunch of exclusive pokemons that are available only in either one of the two versions. Also, keep in mind that the returning pokemon from Generation 1 will be in it’s Aolan form.

Exclusive Pokemons In Sun:

  • Lycanroc (Will be in midday form)
  • Ninetails
  • Solgaleo
  • Tortunator
  • UB-02 (Expansion)
  • Vulpix
  • Passimian

Exclusive Moon Pokemons:

  • Lycanroc (will be available in midnight form)
  • Drampa
  • Lunala
  • Oranguru
  • Sandslash
  • UB-02 (Beauty)
  • Sandshrew

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Legendary Pokemons:

Just like a different set of exclusive pokemons in both versions, legendary pokemons of both the versions will also be different. This is the part where you have to make a serious choice. Solgalelo is the select legendary of Pokemon Sun and Lunala is featured as the legendary pokemon of Pokemon Moon.


Also, note that the new pokemons that are exclusive in any one of the expansion (Ultra beasts: UB-02 Expansion and UB-02 Beauty) are portrayed as completely different pokemons compared to regular pokemons we have seen till now. A lot of their information is locked inside the story for the players to find out, but one things is clear: each of them will have a vital impact on the story of both versions. So, along with difference in legendaries, the turns of story of both the version might also be very different.

Day-time Difference:

This one is as expected, both the versions are featured in different specific times of the day. One is bright and sharp on the eyes and the other one is dark and soft. Just like the previous releases in the franchise the game will use your Nintendo 3DS’s system time to synchronize themselves.

The logic is that Sun will be set to the exact time of your 3DS, while the moon will be set to current time + 12 hours of your system time. So if you play Sun at 4 pm, at the same time the Moon’s in-game time would be 4 am.