pokemon go buddy system update
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This rumor of trading system in the game is due to the latest update in the game by Niantic Lab which is said to be just around the corner. The Niantic Lab has also said that there will be more features coming in the game at the end of the year.

According to the Reddit user, the new Trading feature will be soon added in Pokemon GO as it is already present in its code. It was also predicted by the Reddit users that the Trading feature would soon out in October and Niantic will also fix the broken tracking system feature of the game.

There are Terms of Service associated with the Trading System as well. Following are the significant rules of this feature:

• The Player can trade item but cannot own them:

The terms of service of this feature state that the players of this game are not owners of traded items.

• The Trading can be only applicable to official market:

Niantic has clearly stated this rule also. The players are strictly forbidden from trading through a third party. Most probably, the international trading might be led by big companies.

• The Feature prohibits the use of real cash:

The Pokemon GO users are not allowed to trade with another user regarding cash. That also means that the trading is only possible with Pokemon Coins or Virtual game shop purchases.

The CEO has not set a particular date when the trading system will be started, but players of Pokemon GO can expect Niantic to give more specific trading rule in the days to come.

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