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All that you have to do is downloading and update the latest version of Google Maps, the “Catching Pokemon” feature will automatically get added to your timeline.

This feature will not inform the users about the location of monsters. However, if the gamers have caught the creatures, then they are allowed to inform others about it.

The banning of third-party apps and bots by Niantic has forced many players to uninstall “Pokémon GO”. The gamers have lost their spirit to play, although some cheats are still working. According to ‘heavy.com’, this has resulted in the decline of the amount of game’s daily users.

Moreover, an appeal has to be submitted to get the account back, if anyone has been banned for using “Pokémon GO.” All this is not making it easy for gamers who are just interested in catching Pikachu.

Apple’s announcement earlier today about a surprising update in the Apple Watch Series will bring cheers in the lives of gamers. This update will make “Pokemon GO” easily available and downloadable in the Apple watch. The gamers now don’t have to look into their iPhones for monsters or for tracking their walking miles because they now have everything on the gear of their Apple Watch.

Undoubtedly, these technological integrations will go a long way to restoring the popularity of “Pokémon GO.”.

There are many “Pokémon GO” hacks and cheats that are still working and functional. Poke Radar, FlyGPS, Poke Finder, and FastPokeMap are still available.

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