pokemon go update

In this season, they have changed the Pokemon GO. Before going into details, there is something important to keep in mind. Starting with a bob of Boblandia, a SilphRoad member, an eye keeper of the game, noticed that by some items dropping in Poker stops; Niantic can easily have a grip on the full game.

His game was so dear to some users that they were already in before its launching. The trained users were in heavy amount. Talking about those users their balance on dropping balls in Pokestop were much balanced. Sudden changed occurred when Niantic traversed the game. No one knows when it happens, but that change created a gradual change on heavy users of the game. They are now unable to store extra belongings for further stages by regaining units for life. Due to this twist in game poke balls were in massive quantity while revives become less.

Bob simply this scenario by saying that:

“Dropping a lot of revives, battling becomes cheap but on another hand, battling will become cheap if the user drops Pokeballs and berries”.

Trading of the game occurs mostly in four different ways, including trade search, trade offer, trade response, business result. These moves tell us the whole story. The users are not limited to the certain area. The Gameboy uses the strap for trading Pokemon’s. The process of trading is open on the market and is followed by upgrading Pokemon’s for trade. The game should involve one way through which one can get information about which Pokemon has been traded.

Recently Niantic announced in an Apple event that they are going to launch the Pokemon Go Plus at the end of this month (September). People are in love for experiencing this app and in addition to this Niantic also announced wireless devices. Now it’s time to see what new and amazing thing will happen in Pokemon.


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